Computer & Network Support

    This is our meat and potatoes work, and you better believe we do it better than anyone else. We have over 25 years of combined support experience and it shows. Ask any of our customers how they feel about us, youíll hear nothing but glowing reviews.


    Whether you are building your network from the ground up or upgrading your infrastructure we can help. Our business does everything from recommending switch and router purchases to network layout design as well as doing the physical cabling and terminations. We are a one-stop-shop for all your networking needs.


    Whether you have a server, want to upgrade an existing server or buy a new server we can help. Most of our customers that have more than a few workstations have a server because they realize that the benefits of having centralized administration and backups far outweigh the costs of having a server.


    Anti-Virus and network security are our forte. We set up our customers servers with a secure architecture and difficult to guess passwords. We know that when it comes to viruses and crackers an ounce of prevention is worth several pounds of cure. All our customers are set up in ultra-paranoid mode and get new virus definitions and are scanned every night, not once a week.

High Speed Internet

    Whether youíre looking at DSL, Cable Modems, Satellite or Radio we know all the options and have had plenty of experience with all the major players. Itís a jungle out there with lots of companies fighting for your business. Get real advice that will help you sort out what solution is right for you.

Computer Gurus 
Phone: 607 280-0581